Vinyl Disc — NOVIDADES NO BAÚ DAS RARIDADES 17 de Fevereiro 2014

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A VINYLDISC é um espaço de cultura na cidade do Porto: tertúlias sobre o vinil, leitura de publicações relacionadas com a música que se faz por cá e fora de portas e a oportunidade de ouvir aquela música ou ADQUIRIR o disco que quer recordar, saboreando um bom café ou uma bebida fresca qualquer.
Rua Ramalho Ortigão, 34, 3ºesq
Porto, Portugal, 4000-407
Seg. a Sext - Feriados: 14h00-19h00
Domingo: 10h00 - 12h00
Rua Ramalho Ortigão, 34, 3º Esq
4000-407 Porto, Portugal
Telefone: +351968114966
Título: Neighbourhood Threat Ano: 1990
Artista: Johnny Crash (2) Género: Rock
Editora: Epic Estilos: Rock & Roll, Hard Rock
Catálogo: 466224 1 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl, LP Preço: €15.00
País: Netherlands Link: discogs.com
Título: The Warner Bros. Years: The 12" Collection Ano: 2008
Artista: Ashford & Simpson Género: Electronic
Editora: Rhino Records (2) Estilos: House, Disco
Catálogo: 8122-79930-5 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl x4, 12" Preço: €25.00
País: UK Link: discogs.com
Notas: Description: R&B's most enduring duo Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson sure know how to make it right when it comes to soulful R&B gems and lush dance grooves from golden era of '70s soul and disco. They recorded for Warner Bros. from '73 through to the early '80s, and Rhino's ASHFORD & SIMPSON - THE WARNER BROS. YEARS: THE 12" COLLECTION both rediscovers and re-imagines the best of those years. "The 12" Collection" gathers together 12 tracks, pressed on 180-gram vinyl 12" singles, including many of the beyond-rare 12" mixes that were previously never commercially released, and originally only appeared as promo-only 12" extended 'disco mixes' which featured the handywork of Valerie's brother Jimmy Simpson, a pioneer of 'intros and breaks' which now form the basis of much of today's dance music. The original mixes are cut at 45rpm and record one couples "One More Try" with "Tried Tested & Found True", record two pairs "Over & Over" with "It Seems To Hang On". Record three features "Don't Cost You Nothing" backed with "Bourgie Bourgie", and record four backs "Found A Cure" with "Stay Free". The fifth 12" is a "Remixes EP", cut at 33rpm, and featuring four contemporary retellings of Ashford & Simpson musical lore by star remixers whose admiration for the songs pulses through every groove. DJ Tom Moulton's revealing take on the hit "Found A Cure", including his unearthing of elements that were long forgotten and Paul Simpson and John Morales reconsider "Tried, Tested And Found True", Dimitri re-edits "Stay Free", to become a slamming club mix and Tommy Musto re-touches "It Seems To Hang On" to create a sexy between-the-sheets groove. 'These remixers', noted Simpson, 'did an incredible job breathing new life into our songs while maintaining the integrity of them.' All five 12" singles come on original contemporary labels and are housed in the "Disco" range bags of the period, housed in an attractive 12" x 12" slipcase box. This release is a strictly limited edition of 3,000 copies worldwide and is exclusive to Rhino. As Ashford & Simpson would say: 'Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby!' **Rhino U.S. imported a quantity (750/1000) for domestic use at the time at the behest of (then) Atlantic staffer and compiler Johnny "D" De Mairo from Rhino UK and shipped from there through Specialty/Olyphant. www.rhino.co.uk "The Home Of Great Music"
Título: Living Chicago Blues Ano: 1983
Artista: Various Género: Blues
Editora: Sonet Estilos: Chicago Blues
Catálogo: RISLP 14103 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl x3, LP Preço: €25.00
País: Portugal Link: discogs.com
Título: Boot Power Ano: 1972
Artista: Mungo Jerry Género: Rock
Editora: Dawn Records (2) Estilos:
Catálogo: DNLS 3041 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl, LP Preço: €10.00
País: UK Link: discogs.com
Notas: Released in a gatefold cover. The vinyl is dark red when held before a strong light source. Lilac labels. First cat.nr. on cover, second on label.
Título: She's So Beautiful Ano: 1985
Artista: Cliff Richard Género: Pop
Editora: EMI Estilos: Pop Rock
Catálogo: 2007996 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl, 12 Preço: €7.50
País: Portugal Link: discogs.com
Título: Je Veux L'aimer Ano: 1983
Artista: Mireille Mathieu Género: Pop
Editora: Ariola Estilos:
Catálogo: 02.205705.33 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl, LP Preço: €10.00
País: Portugal Link: discogs.com
Título: Love & Peace Ano: 1978
Artista: Ray Charles Género: Funk / Soul
Editora: LONDON RECORDS Estilos:
Catálogo: PPSHU 8519 Estado: USADO
Formato: Vinyl, LP Preço: €10.00
País: Portugal Link: discogs.com
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