ILPS 9265

Solar Fire

Manfred Mann's Earth Band



Rock / Symphonic Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock

Vinyl, LP

Bronze Records



From cover (rear): Recorded at the Workhouse, Old Kent Road, London, 1973. Special thanks to John Pantry for his invaluable contributions. Management H.M.M. 490 Old Kent Road, London SE1 Manufactured & distributed for Island Records Ltd. From inner gatefold: Solar: Concerned with, determined by the sun Fire: Active principle operative in combustion. The Concise Oxford Dictionary From Centre labels: Manfred Mann's Earthband [Variant of artist's name] ? 1973 Bronze Records Ltd. Manufactured and distributed by [Island 'i' logo appears] Island Records Limited [Side A:] Published by B. Feldman & Co Ltd [Side B:] Published by B. Feldman & Co Ltd, except ?Big Ben Music Ltd [Note: Index sign '?' refers to Track A1] Other info: Track titles given as on cover. Inconsistency: The cover lists 'Manfred Mann and Earthband' as the producer, the label only 'Manfred Mann'.

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